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John DIckson“Meig Falls” Framed Black and White Photograph by John Dickson – The beauty of Meigs Falls is captured by Friends of the Smokies emeritus board member and talented photographer John Dickson. Courtesy of John Dickson.

Spring in the Smokies“Spring in the Smokies” by Nancy G. Miller – This etching was created by Miller when taking art lessons at Maryville College using its press to print. It is a beautiful and unique piece of art showing the Smokies in Spring. Courtesy of Leonard and Betty McKeehan.

Wood Burning“Woodburning of Great Smoky Mountains” by Sarah Musgrave
– Created by burning the wood to create shading and form, this piece by Knoxville artist Sarah Musgraves depicts a Smoky Mountain scene. Courtesy of Sarah Musgrave.

Original Oil on CanvasOriginal Acrylic on Canvas by Jose Diaz – Knoxville artist Jose Diaz is truly a talented artist. This gorgeous depiction of a mountain sunset will leave viewers ooh-ing and ah-ing over the artwork in your home. Courtesy of Jose Diaz.

"Bardot"“Bardot” by Laura Rabbitts – Florida artist and graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design, Laura Rabbitts, stretches the boundaries of traditional art by painting with water based oil on wood. This bright and fun painting of Brigitte Bardot will be a great accent in your home! Courtesy of Laura Rabbitts.

Smoky Mountain Rhododendrons

Original Signed Oil of Smoky Mountains with Rhododendrons by Hester Keller – This wonderful painting by Hester Keller spotlights the proliferation of native rhododendrons in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Measures 19.25″x16.5″ Courtesy of Hester Keller and Jerry’s Artarama.

Elkmont Waterfall Suzannne Jack“Elkmont Waterfall” Giclee by Suzanne Jack – Nature inspires with the promise of spring and rejuvenates the human spirit with hope. Suzanne Jack’s sensibilities as an artist and devotion to the land is revealed through a vivid color palette and a dynamic energy. Measures 22.5″x30.75″. Courtesy of Suzanne Jack.

Giclee Reproduction from Original Oil Painting by Aurora Harrison Bull“Aurora’s Iris I” by Aurora Harrison Bull – Aurora’s ability to harmonize design and color allows her to depict a wide variety of subjects in a way that is both realistic and romantic. Working exclusively in oil, she uses a very limited palette consisting of only the three primaries. She combines opaque tones of soft colors with layers of transparent glaze achieving an authentic, three-dimensional quality, tempered with subtle overtones. The lovely giclee of a hummingbird and flowers will add a sense of serenity to any room. Courtesy of Aurora Harrison Bull.

Owl by Sarah JenkinsOriginal Signed Oil Painting of an Owl by Sarah Jenkins – The Great Horned Owl, also known as the Tiger Owl or Hoot Owl, is a large owl native to the Americas. It is an extremely adaptable bird with a vast range and is the most widely distributed tree owl in the Americas. Sarah Jenkins’ painting is a lovely tribute to this owl. Measures 23.5″x29.5″. Courtesy of Sarah Jenkins.

Sheep Painting by Suzanna Terrill – Art for Suzzanna Terrill is a passion that comes from within, when words fail, without it, she feels she would not have a voice. It is whom she is, responding to her life and all that is involved with it at the time of painting, communicating her energy and expression through the process of painting.Take home this beautiful and unique painting tonight! Courtesy of Suzanna Terrill.

Robert Tino PrintFramed Robert A. Tino Print – East Tennessee is known for it’s beautiful sunsets painted across the sky every evening.  Bring that colorful sunset into your home with this gorgeous Robert A. Tino print. Measures 13″ x 11″

Schools Out“School’s Out” signed painting by Roy McCullough – Roy McCullough, a local artist, began painting in 2005 after retiring from a career as a graphic designer and advertising art director. He is a mostly self-taught painter whose art is based on real situations that he has observed, photographed and sketched. Measures 14.5″ x 16.5″ Courtesy of Roy McCullough and Barney and Nanci Travis.

Beauty Is“Beauty Is . . .” by Sam Rue – Under the moniker “Sam Artman,” local artist Sam Rue is quickly making a name for himself in the local art community. A Central High School grad and self-taught artist, Sam is adept at several styles of art. This signed watercolor print causes the viewer to really contemplate the meaning of true beauty. Measures 26″ x 22″ Courtesy of Sam Rue (Artman).

Shadows on Country Road“Shadows on Country Road” by Diana Dee Sarkar – Kansas native Diana Dee found time to paint even during her 34 years as a physician. Self taught for many years, she knew that art for her was about finding a place of joy. This lovely signed oil painting on linen will take you to a place where life is slow and easy and full of that joy. Measures 19.5″ x 15.5″ Courtesy of Art by Diana Dee.

The Art Market Gallery Gift Certificate – The Art Market Gallery is a cooperative of more than sixty East Tennessee artists dedicated to providing a vibrant marketplace for original art and fine crafts. They are located in the heart of downtown Knoxville and will help you find just the right piece for your home or office! Courtesy of The Art Market Gallery, Gordon Fowler, Brenda Mills, Dennis Sabo, Mille Derrick, Marie Merritt, Anne Dally and Marilyn Turner.

Watercolor by Bledsoe

Original Signed Watercolor “Pansies” by Laura Bledsoe – This lovely original painting in shades of bright, primary colors will be a sunny addition to any room.  Courtesy of Laura Bledsoe.

Sunrise Over Smokies“Sunrise Over Smokies #1” by Gwen Cross – Gwen Cross has been interested in photography since she was a teen and upon retirement in 2006, she began spending more time filming the beauty of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  This wonderful print will make you long for a trip to the Smokies. Courtesy of Gwen Cross Photography.

Manya Pirkle Giclee“Homage to N.C.” by Manya Pirkle – This soulful giclee of a young Native American woman by a local artist would be a perfect addition to your collection. Measures 29″x38″ Courtesy of Manya Pirkle.

Stemless Wine Glass and Wine ChillerStemless Wine Glass and Wine Chiller by Carolyn Cooper Clayworks – Function and beauty unite in this handsome set of stemless wine glasses and chiller.  Bringing elements of nature into her work, Carolyn Cooper’s pottery resonates a quiet, confident elegance.

Mothers Day Flowers“Mother’s Day Flowers” by Kate McCullough – Local artist and teacher, as well as the featured artist for 2015 Artsclamation! , Kate McCullough expresses beauty and simplicity in this original watercolor. Measures 20″ x 26″. Courtesy of Kate McCollough and The District Gallery and Framery.

Tommie Rush VaseHot Formed Glass Bud Vase by Tommie Rush – Tommie Rush is on a quest to create the perfect vase for every flower.  Each piece she creates is unique, using no molds or preformed parts, which creates finished pieces with an individualistic feel.  This talented Knoxville artist has had her work showcased in museums and sculpture gardens across the country. Measure 10″  Courtesy of Bennett Galleries.

A Walk in the Woods“A Walk in Woods” by Mike Berry – This vibrant and captivating original acrylic painting will add beauty to any home. Artist Mike Berry was voted the Best Visual Artist of East Tennessee by The Knoxville News Sentinel Reader’s Poll and is the gallery manager for UT’s Downtown Gallery. Measures 12″ x 15″ Courtesy of Mike C. Berry Studio.

Reading The LeavesSigned, Numbered Giclee of “Reading The Leaves” by Sarah McTeer Ogburn – Sarah McTeer Ogburn is a premiere artist displaying her work in California, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. This giclee is printed on William Turner English watercolor paper giving it the look of an original painting on canvas. Ogburn’s original painting of “Reading The Leaves” is hanging in a tea market in San Francisco, CA. Measures 27″ x 31″ Courtesy of Sarah McTeer Ogburn.

Summer Bowls“Summer Bowls” by Walter Dendy Sadler – Walter Dendy Sadler was born in Dorking in 1854 and studied at Heatherley’s Art School in London and in Dusseldorf. Sadler was particularly interested in depicting life during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and, in particular, during the time of King George IV. Of particular note is the exact manner in which he treated furniture, costume and accessories, showing himself to be a connoisseur of these items. He achieved great popularity during his lifetime, with many of his paintings being interpreted as engravings, and he exhibited frequently at The Royal Academy and around London. In 1896 he moved to St. Ives, Cornwall, where he lived until his death in 1923. This is a beautiful print depicting a loved English activity. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. David Reeves

Water Lily Wood Block PrintWater Lilly Wood Block Print by Eun-Sook Kim – Eun Sook Kim’s work has been featured in various juried shows throughout the U.S. and in Japan and Korea. She has also participated in solo exhibitions locally in Ewing Gallery, The Art Market Gallery, Oak Ridge Art Center and the American Museum of Science and Energy. Measures 10.5″x29″. Courtesy of Eun-Sook Kim Studio and Davis Studio.

Early Morning at Dan Lawson Place by Gwen Cross“Early Morning at Dan Lawson Place” by Gwen Cross – Gwen Cross has been interested in photography since she was a teen and upon retirement in 2006, she began spending more time filming the beauty of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  This wonderful print will make you long for a trip to the Smokies.  Courtesy of Gwen Cross Photography.

Tree FractureTree Fracture by Debi Dwyer – Debi Dwyer, a native of New Hampshire, left the chilly north for the sunny shores of Florida. The natural surroundings of the area greatly influenced her desire to become a stained glass artist, capturing the beauty in her original designs. What started as a hobby has evolved into a fulltime lifestyle. Now living in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Debi has become totally ensconced in her passion and has developed her craft to the level of an acknowledged artist who has captured many Best of Show awards.

Framed Photo from the AT (1)Framed Panoramic Photograph from the AT by Jim Mowbray – A wonderful panoramic still shot by former Ridge runner Jim Mowbray.  While on the trail, Mowbray cranked out a lot of reports on wildlife encounters, trail conditions, and the condition of springs at trail shelters. Along the way he also enjoyed some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. This is a shot taken from the Appalachian Trail at sunrise. Measures 33″ x 19.5″  Courtesy of William Ed Harmon.

Last Light by Bob Legget“Last Light” Pastel by Bob Leggett – Dr. Bob Leggett, a retired professor of English from University of Tennessee, says painting has always been a hobby for him. Upon his retirement, he rented a small studio in downtown Knoxville and began spending more time on his art.  Originally painting watercolor, he now mostly uses pastels and lists mountain scenes as his favorite subjects. Measures 20.5″ x 18″

Walter Holly Stevens Original PaintingWalter “Holly” Stevens Original Painting – Stevens used nature’s forms as a point of entry into complex abstract compositions. He was one of the first faculty members of the University of Tennessee’s art department. He was also a core member of the Knoxville Seven, a group of forward-looking artists active between 1959 and 1965 who were among the first in East Tennessee to experiment with abstract expressionism. The KMA presented a large exhibition of his watercolors in 1992.  This original painting offered tonight is a wonderful example of Steven’s work.

Ancient Olive Tree“Ancient Olive Tree” by Andrea Wilson – Andrea Wilson was on a two week trip around Alozaina, Spain surrounded by olive trees. Many were gnarled with age and the effects of years of elements. She stated that she was captured by the twisted lines and abundance of character of this particular tree and knew right away that she had to capture its strange beauty. Limited edition print. Courtesy of Andrea Wilson.

Bud Ogle Place“Bud Ogle Place #1” by Gwen Cross – Gwen Cross has been interested in photography since she was a teen and upon retirement in 2006, she began spending more time filming the beauty of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  This wonderful print will make you long for a a trip to the Smokies.  Courtesy of Gwen Cross Photography.

Illustration of the Wonderland HotelIllustration of the Wonderland Hotel by Ruthie Windsor-Mann – Knoxville native, Ruthie Windsor-Mann, resisted studying art in college, but couldn’t resist art itself.  Shortly after college she started selling her art and is now known throughout the world. Tonight’s offering is a lovely depiction of the beloved Wonderland Hotel.  Courtesy of Leonard and Betty McKeehan.

Maple Leaf Stoneware PlatterMaple Leaf Stoneware Platter – Local artist, Marjorie Murphy creates beautiful original and handcrafted stoneware and impresses them with plants native to East Tennessee.  This piece has been fired with a special process making it suitable for everyday use. Courtesy of Marjorie Murphy and Little River Artistry.

Fall Reflections“Fall Reflections – Greenbrier, Great Smoky Mountains National Park” by Brad Justice – Sevierville artist, Brad Justice found a creative outlet through photography early in life and became passionate about showcasing images of the Smokies. He is an award winning and published landscape photographer who enjoys combining his creativity with the technical aspects of photography. This 16 x 24 photograph printed on aluminum will remind you of the beautiful fall days in the Smokies. Courtesy of Brad Justice Photography.

Prairie Mantel Deluxe ClockPrairie Mantel Deluxe Clock – With the strong lines of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie movement influencing the design of this Prairie Mantle Deluxe clock and the natural beauty of select Certified Sustainable Appalachian wild cherry wood, this clock is perfect for the most sophisticated décor. Each clock has a unique natural copper patina face (natural colors vary). This limited edition clock has made a statement wherever it has been seen.

Keys“Keys” by Jason Stoddart – Jason Stoddart ’s photographs take a critical view of America: the unique history, cultural heritage, and political issues that define it as a country. His work focuses on capturing subjects that represent the true America. Take home this beautiful representation of a time forgotten today. Measures 48.4″ x 18″

House on the Water

“House on the Water” by C. Stewart – This original painting will add beautiful color and value to your home or office. The reds and golds in this artwork bring warmth into any room and create a stunning focal point. Measures 42″ x 30.5″

Studio 213 Arts Pottery

Studio 212 Arts Pottery Planter, Set of Mugs and Vienna Coffee Co. Basket– Studio 212 Arts designs for many chefs and has recently finished a line exclusively for Blackberry Farms.  Use your green thumb to fill this gorgeous planter and then enjoy a cup of coffee or tea from Vienna Coffee Co. in the coordinating mugs as you admire your handy work.  Courtesy of Studio 212 Arts and Vienna Coffee Co.

Women in Evening Dress

“Women in Evening Dress” by Cynthia Markert – Artist Cynthia Markert has been creating her mixed media paintings on wood since graduation from the University of Tennessee with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Women’s Studies. Her biographies appear in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in American Women. Her work is included in the archives of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. Courtesy of Cynthia Markert and Liz-Beth and Co

Jasmine Sculpture

“Jasmine” Raku Fired Sculpture by John McRae – Former UT dean of The College of Architecture and Design and now full-time professor, John McRae hand molds many different kinds of sculptures and fires them using an ancient Japanese process known as raku.  McRae chose to sculpt the human torso as a way to celebrate the female form.  Courtesy of John McRae.

Dutch Hill Pottery PlateDutch Hill Pottery Plate – Dutch Hill Pottery is housed on an old farmstead in western New York state, and potter Gregory Ricciardiello has been working with clay for over 25 years.  Take home this fine, handcrafted stoneware pottery platter tonight for fashionable entertaining!

Oil Painting by McCoyOriginal Oil Painting by William J. McCoy, Jr. – his original oil painting portrays the North Carolina side of the Park from Clingmans Dome Road. The cool blues in the painting contrasting with the warm gold in the frame make this the perfect picture for any room! Courtesy of Leonard and Betty McKeehan.

Clay Crowder Wood Turned BowlClay Crowder Maple Wood Turned Art – Dr. Clay Crowder was a local pediatrician and self-taught wood-turner. His beautiful pieces are highly collectible. Take home this lovely maple tray to add to your collection. Courtesy of Margie Ribble.

Watercolor on paper by Glenn GrantWatercolor on Paper by Glenn Gant – Glenn Gant (Arkansas/Missouri, 1911-1999) watercolor on paper depicting an Ozark mountain landscape with white clapboard house in the foreground.  Signed lower right.  A regionalist painter and student of Thomas Hart Benton, Glen Gant lived in Arkansas and was active there and in Oklahoma and Kansas City. Measures 34.5″x24″.  Courtesy of Case Antiques Auctions & Appraisals.

Bird in the Hand“Bird in Hand” Clay Art by Manya Pirkle – A bird in the hand is worth so much!  A reminder to be grateful for all that we have.  Courtesy of Manya Pirkle.

More coming soon!